past news

July 15th - 11:45pm

106 more days!!! Who's joining us?? #MetalAllegiance #MetalMaya

July 14th - 7:54pm
Metal Allegiance

Our prayers and condolences to everyone in Adrenaline Mob. RIP Dave Zablidowsky. Our thoughts are with his brother Paul Zablidowsky, his family, Mike Orlando, Russell Allen and all of AMOB. 💔

July 13th - 9:33pm


July 9th - 9:36pm

Amazing to see the H-team reunited again (even if it was for only one show in the Bay Area). Photo by: Photo Ray #garyholt #rickhunolt #exodus #bayareathrash #thehteam

July 9th - 2:57pm

Happy Birthday to the late #BonScott #RideOn

July 7th - 4:45am

#FBF 2014 on Motörboat #MetalAllegiance #MarkMenghi #MikePortnoy #ScottIan #Motörboat Photo by @stephaniedcabral

July 4th - 8:35am

Happy Independence Day to all in the U.S. of A. 💥 🇺🇸

July 3rd - 10:49am

@markmenghi used strings for MA2 recording songs 1 and 4 (not giving away names yet as these are named in the order in which they were wrote). Maybe one day he'll give these away? 🤔 #metalallegiance #thrashmetal #comingin2018