“Metal Allegiance towers above other albums of its ilk. ★★★★”
“The heaviest supergroup on the planet. And they've created some villainously good music”
“One of the year's best metal albums.”
“Whatever you do, be sure to listen to the album in full. It will surprise, amaze and delight you in equal measure.”
“The best all-round metal album for ages ★★★★★”
“The quality never drops.”
“Menghi does a remarkable job of creating the right songs for the right singers, and coupled with the versatile musicians involved, it turns out to be a blast.”
“The most metal record of 2015. Sort of like the Avengers... but more metal”
“A fluid congregation of some of the genre's most notable players.”
“Supergroup compilations can be hit and miss, but it's clear when the Metal Allegiance project came together, they simply wanted to put out a record that would speak to the times, whilst also emitting a timeless quality itself. ★★★★”
“What Menghi, Ellefson, Skolnick and Portnoy bring together, and what they are able to bring out of each of the contributing artists is truly mesmerizing, and speak volumes towards their character as individuals and their work ethics as artists. A Mindblowing collection of songs.”
“For all of these heavy hitting musicians to be a part of one show and pay homage to an assortment of influences as well as perform their own original music is something every metal head should check out.”
“As a group they're phenomenal, and it really seems like they got the best out of everyone they collaborated with on this album...The end result is pretty great.”
“METAL ALLEGIANCE's self-titled debut is an incredible album and an absolute must-have in any metal fan's collection. 5.0 Out Of 5.0”
“So the gates have been opened to the inferno and unleashed this heavy, dirtiest, most destructive release in years.”
“The sales pitch is easy, this is our bible. 10 out of 10”
“...they do not disappoint. Any fan of these musician's previous works will enjoy what they have put together.”
“In short, this could be one of the best true-blue heavy metal albums to blast its way into the consciousness of music fans for quite some time.”
“This is the album metalheads have been craving! No cookie cutter, pre fab crap we hear pushed on the radio, no bands copying sounds of other bands because they feel it will sell, this is an album celebrating metal, with some of the best in the business at the helm. It doesn't get much better than this, kids!”
“This album is both great on paper and on record, musically, sonically, lyrically and in general altogether. What Mark and the rest of the gang have done here is fantastic and I think represents metal very well.”
“You can almost hear each performance egging on the next to 'top that' which makes for an awesome listening experience. ★★★★”