Writing with Bobby Blitz

Hey all… our new tune and video “Mother of Sin” has been out for a few days now. Hope you all are digging. When we first wrote the music to this tune, which was on January 2nd 2017, we knew from the moment we were riffing that we had to have Bobby sing on this. Most people think that we write for particular singers or we go in knowing who the vocalists are gonna be. I assure you, that has never been the case. Not once… the music we write has always dictated who the singer would/could/should be. In this case, Bobby Blitz was the first person we all had in mind. When we approached Bobby on this, he immediately accepted the invitation. However, I am pretty sure Bobby has not done much outside of Overkill in recent time nor has he ever co-written lyrics in quite some time. I approached Bobby with my lyrical idea for the tune, a novel of words and an open mind… we collaborated lyrically for a few weeks until we had a final draft of the lyrics, from there we went into demo mode. When I gave him my novel of words, I told him to take pen to paper, change words, edit for his vocal stylings, etc… with that he added so much to what I originally had. He even come up with one of my favorite lines of the record (which I’ll save that story for another day). It was truly an honor collaborating with Bobby on this tune and we spent the better part of April 2017 crafting this tune vocally and lyrically with the choruses, melodies, hooks and phrasing. What you hear now is collaboration in its truest form. This was not an email project, it was a bunch of dudes in a room writing music together from the first note written to the last lyric sang.

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