Ozzy Blitz

Hello boys and girls!

This is Ol’ Uncle Bobby Blitz. Bone collector and Metalist of the highest order, by time served and a purist in a time of impurity.

I must say… I was recently honored to partake/took in the Metal Allegiance rendition of the first Black Sabbath record along with other classics and a few hidden gems. I was stoked and I was ready. The day was stormy that Halloween weekend, angry you might say… like an old man trying to send soup back in a deli. The Brooklyn wind howled, “go back to Jersey you curly haired prick, Ozzy had noooooo cuuuuuuurls!” But I stood firm, like Frank Sinatra in the face of Dean Martin, trying to figure out if either knew how to speak Italian.

To my amazement the day leveled out, and became a ‘gig’, sound-check, dinner, family arriving, friends and foe alike… all willing to celebrate the original Sabbath on this All Hallowed Eve. Then in a flash, all transformed before my eyes… I panicked. The first; Menghi, a bearded sort, smelling of garlic with more facial hair than brains, Cindy Crawford wig and a stache that John Holmes would be proud of with a limp dick… a “star laced” hippie shirt and silver cross followed. This as I was calling 1-800-fix-me, I looked up and Mr. Skolnick wore the same upper lip adornment, there was something going on… those bell bottoms, that 70’s scent! Was I dreaming? I grabbed the last sane man in the room, a Mr. Portnoy, from a far away drummer-land and asked…”are we ok?” He smiled, disappeared behind a wall of wood and in a flash reappeared now donning “pigtails”. I was fucked!

I tried to make my escape and heard in the distance….”never talking, always walking, spreading his magic”. I was part of the plan, a plan that tore into the hearts of us and those who felt what we felt… Allegiance. I bow to the greatness of that era…. and the magic of that night.


Photos by Scott Diussa

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